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Artificial Intelligence

If your company needs the services of an artificial intelligence specialist, sedbox has a team of consultants ready to start working with you.

Our artificial intelligence experts have extensive experience in the fields of robotics, machine learning, deep learning, and statistical engineering. These experts are trained to advise you as they have solid practical knowledge of programming in languages such as C ++, Python, R, and Java. We love to tackle complex AI problems using neural network convolutions, evolutionary computing, pattern recognition, and natural language processing techniques.

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Why us?

We are trained to understand how business and technology work. We understand that time wasted due to technical problems is a lost opportunity to grow your company, so we put our knowledge and tools at your disposal to satisfy your needs. Some of the tools that we use are progressed AI calculations, like Random Forest, XGboost, Support Vector Machines (SVM), and for undertakings including Image or Text preparing – Deep Learning calculations business.

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We implement AI across business cases

We conceptualize and implement artificial intelligence use cases for a range of purposes, each contributing to business continuity and long-term efficiency. Our team incorporates AI-driven solutions into business operations where they can bring tangible value:

We build smart systems where AI can identify trends, anomalies, and growth hacking opportunities in your operational processes to assist in informed executive-level decision-making.

  • Risk analytics

  • Operational forecasting

  • Demand prediction

  • Recruiting recommendations

  • Predictive maintenance

We help you add another level of intelligence to maximize customer acquisition, retention, and relevance of your brand campaigns

  • Customer segmentation

  • Lead generation

  • Lead scoring and predictive sales

  • Customer behavior analytics

  • Personalization

  • Sales forecasting

  • Churn prediction

  • Brand sentiment analysis

We augment customer care workflows with AI through advanced customer data analysis and conversational agents to improve your service across touchpoints.

  • Contextual recommendations

  • Sales rep chatbots / Email bot

  • Sales rep response suggestions 

  • Cognitive assistants

  • Voice-first interfaces

  • Intelligent self-service options

  • Survey & review analytics

We implement AI for protecting physical perimeters, data, and user identities. From anti-fraud ML models to advanced biometric recognition, we design solutions that counteract known and emerging security threats.

  • Biometric identification                 

  • Fraud detection

  • Access management

  • Theft and misuse detection

We will collect and process your data for high-quality advanced analytics:

  • Data visualization

  • Data integration

  • Data transformation and labeling

  • Data management & monitoring

  • Data cleaning & validation

  • Synthetic Data processing

Factory floors are changing with programmable collaborative bots that can work next to employees to take over more repetitive tasks. We will help you automate physical processes and many more.

  • Digitize legacy systems

  • Robotic process automation

  • Process mining

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Manufacturing analytics

  • Inventory & supply chain optimization

  • Robotics

  • Collaborative robot

  • Cashierless checkout

  • Invoicing

Leverage machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and other AI techniques for financial analysis, algorithmic trading, and other investment strategies or tools.

  • Fraud detection

  • Insurance analytics

  • Financial analytics platform

  • Travel and expense management

  • Credit-lending and scoring

  • Billing

  • Robo-advisory

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Data gathering

  • Debt collection

Are you running a health center, GYM, spa, hotel, restaurant, or food delivery service? We can collect your operational, inventory, customer, and sales data and make meaningful predictions. 

  • Retail sales bot

  • Meeting setup automation

  • Digital assistant

  • Customer reach strategy

  • Inventory management

  • Chatbot testing

Artificial Intelligence: List

Sales analytic systems provide functionality that supports discovery, diagnostic, and predictive exercises that enable the manipulation of parameters, measures, dimensions, or figures as part of an analytic or planning exercise. AI algorithms can automate the data collection process and present solutions to improve sales performance. 

  • Analytics Platform

  • Analytics Services

  • Automated Machine Learning (autoML)

  • Geo-Analytics Platform

  • Conversational Analytics

  • Real-Time Analytics

  • Image Recognition and Visual Analytics

  • E-Commerce Analytics

  • Self-Driving Cars
    From mining to manufacturing, self-driving cars/vehicles are increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Integrate them into your business for greater efficiency.

  • Vehicle Cybersecurity
    Secure connected and autonomous cars and other vehicles with intelligent cybersecurity solutions. Guarantee your safety by hack-proof mechanisms. Protect your intelligent systems from attacks.

  • Vision Systems
    Vision systems for self-driving cars. Integrate vision sensing and processing in your vehicle. Achieve your goals with the help of computer vision.

  • Driving Assistant
    Required components and intelligent solutions to improve rider’s experience in the car. Implement AI-Powered vehicle perception solutions for the ultimate driving experience.

We can offer insights on how to use data smartly to solve complex life science challenges:

  • Patient data analytics

  • Personalized medications and care

  • Drug discovery

  • Real-time prioritization and triage

  • Early diagnosis

  • Assisted or automated diagnosis & prescription

  • Pregnancy management

  • Medical imaging insights

  • Healthcare brand management and marketing

  • Gene analytics and editing

  • Device and drug comparative effectiveness

Which candidate, starting at a specific position, will contribute more to the company? The machine’s better data processing capabilities will help you discover new possibilities:

  • Smart hiring

  • Performance analytics and management

  • HR retention management

  • HR analytics

  • Digital assistant

  • Employee monitoring

  • Building management

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Consulting Scenarios

AI Adoption and Implementation for the first time

We assess your technological maturity and readiness for AI-powered automation and follow you through all stages of adopting artificial intelligence in your business operations, from analyzing your use case to developing AI-powered software and guarantee its positive acceptance by the user.

AI Audit & Reengineering

This process is carried out when the company identifies that its AI system does not meet its needs, is ineffective and does not have the desired performance. In this stage, our team is in charge of reviewing the system's programming, architecture and other aspects of it, identifying which are the shortcomings, correcting errors, or redesigning the software.

AI Expansion

At this stage, we measure how much the system should be expanded according to the customer's needs and expectations. We make sure that your company has the necessary tools and resources to carry out the expansion of AI

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Our Approach to AI Consulting

Although we are very open when assuming the realization of different types of AI projects, we are focused on identifying areas of AI application in the specific business of a company. To carry out this type of project, we do an investigation of the company to understand what its priorities and strategies are, we create a list of AI transformation proposals in which its impacts and strategic adjustments are defined, then, we proceed to validate the proposals with the project sponsor for approval, then, to speed up the project implementation, we identify the context of the company (startups, suppliers, potential partners, etc.)

Artificial intelligence Strategy Roadmap

We will strategize an AI execution roadmap to choose the best tactics for the adoption of AI in your product.
We can help with the realization and structuring of frameworks for the creation of your company through the design and use of calculations and models.

Use Case Definition

Our AI consultants will analyze and define your use case, to see how it fits into your broader business context and if it can make an impact across your organization.

Data Preparation

We audit and verify your data along with the related workflows and supporting infrastructure.

ML Model Development

Our team will help you mitigate the disruptive effect of AI adoption on your workforce and advise you on change management strategies, improving employee skills, and user empowerment.

User Training & Support

As an option, we provide post-deployment user training sessions to minimize users’ initial adoption barriers and maximize buy-in. We also provide continuous technical support services at all levels.

AI Infrastructure Setup

We set up resilient cloud-based infrastructures across private and hybrid environments for deploying and running our clients’ in-house AI systems.

AI Software Development

Our company builds, customizes, and redesigns AI-driven systems on a turnkey basis or as part of your in-house team at any project stage.

Computer based intelligence

Using techniques like artificial neural networks, evolutionary computing, and collective intelligence, we can design intelligent computer systems that mimic nature and human linguistic reasoning to solve complex problems.


Thanks to our knowledge in the field, we can advise our clients on model approval, quality control, and frame security and provide support facilitating decision-making.

Post-execution guarantee

We guarantee that the calculations, models, and information that we provide in our services are highly accurate and relevant to the organization.

Artificial Intelligence: Products

We implement cutting edge AI Technologies

Creating AI applications to forecast market behavior

Robotic process automation
Pattern recognition

Creating custom AI applications through natural language processing that can perform customer-driven activities

Creation of computerized arrangements to be more efficient, change commercial measures, and optimize human work

Deep Learning
Predictive modeling

Collaborative and content-based filtering

Image analysis
Biometric identification
Voice, facial and emotion recognition

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We will help you avoid AI Development Pitfalls

Bias-free Model Training

By designing our solutions using high-quality data sets that incorporate diversity and fairness, we ensure that we eliminate human cognitive biases and consider the ethical and social implications of algorithm-based decision making.

Algorithm Explainability & Accuracy

We guarantee that our approach to training the ML model and the data that comprise it are transparent and easy to interpret. our algorithms achieve a reliable accuracy of 98% +

Regulatory Compliance

We work with companies from anywhere in the world so we recognize the applicable data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, etc., and other requirements to handle relevant information. We guarantee that our algorithms will provide you with the required level of transparency in decision-making to maintain compliance.

User Buy-In

Our team advises companies to help them mitigate the disruptive effect of the adoption of artificial intelligence in their workforce and also, to give direction and support on change management strategies, the improvement of employee skills and User training according to the data-driven organizational mindset.

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