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Meet Our Team

Get to Know Us. We are all digital nomads.


Sed Alam

Founder + CEO + CTO

Sed's the idea guy. He sets the company's vision and makes sure that it is unique and attractive to potential clients.

Oscar David.jfif

Oscar David


Since joining our team, Oscar has played a crucial role in the continued success of the business. His exceptional skill set, true passion and creativity has inspired massive growth.

Priya Nair.jfif

Priya Nair


Priya is excellent at managing the company's finances, strategies, and risks. She's also great at pointing Sedbox in the right direction when it needs to develop financial technology.

Robert Mene.jfif

Dr. Robert Mene

Technical Advisor

Dr. Mene likes to give SedBox the proper technical guidance when they need it. He held the position at Caltech as an AI  researcher for 13 years in the Computer Science faculty. Now he involved with a few entrepreneurial endeavours.

Lizze campbell.jfif

Lizzie Campbell

Project Manager

Lizzie manages most of Sedbox's Software projects and keeps the train on the rail! She loves playing COD in her spare time.

Ben Foster.jfif

Ben Foster

AI Engineer

Ben is our data science guru. He loves making AI models using machine learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks to draw potential insights.

Rachel lee.jfif

Rachel Lee

Frontend Engineer + UX specialist

Rachels makes our SW interface and dashboard look pretty and super accessible! She is an ex-lover of react native and now loves developing in Flutter.

Stephen Dbor.jfif

Stephen Dbor

Hardware Designer

Stephen is a veteran engineer in the realm of the embedded system. He loves taking on custom FPGA, DSP, sensor and digital design projects.

David Yang.jfif

David Yang

Backend Engineer

David likes to architect and design backend of embedded, robotics, networking, security, and financial software projects.

Ryan Silverman.jfif

Ryan Silverman

Product + Mechanical Designer

Ryan is a master of using the different facets and tools of design to create and execute a solution that solves a user’s experience deficiencies.

zoe larson.jfif

Taylor Quill

Technical Writer

Taylor is amazing at writing instruction manuals and articles with the main goal to communicate complex, technical information more easily.

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_____ Specialist

We are always looking for a keen-minded individual who loves solving problems as we do. If you think you are good at something, please drop us a mail. We are excited to get to know you and hear your ideas.

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