What can we do for you today? 

We seek and provide solutions that, once implemented, can change the obsolescence and unproductiveness of a system in viability and efficiency. We will help you to complete those projects that have been stalled by many obstacles and we will assist you by giving them a push to carry them out. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients, from small startups to large enterprises, and deliver lasting change with measurable growth. We are committed to supporting you in making your dreams come true, meeting your business needs, meeting your expectations, and exceeding them. 

The sedbox way 


01. Plan

We strategize a plan that solves the correct problem by validation through a deep understanding of the product’s users and company goals. We then create a product roadmap and tech stack to deliver success.

Methodologies and tools

Business Value AssessmentsRequirements GatheringDesign Thinking WorkshopsQualitative & Quantitative UX ResearchCustomer Journey MappingProof of Concept & Proof of ValueProduct IdeationProduct Roadmaps

02. Build 

Based on the strategic plan, we apply modern methodologies and technologies to design, architect, and engineer a high-quality and stable production solution. 

Methodologies and tools

Human-Centred DesignAgile EngineeringWeb, Mobile, & Voice ExperiencesCloud Native ArchitectureMicroservices, CI/CD, DevOpsKubernetes for ContainersAzure & AWS Cloud PlatformsAI SolutionsEmbedded SolutionsDesign SystemsUsability & Accessibility Testing

03. Run 

Our trained experts continuously identify opportunities to enhance solutions for optimal user engagement through operational best practices and reliable engineering support. 

Methodologies and tools

Application SupportContinuous Improvement & InsightsClient Success