Cybersecurity services aim at assessing and improving the protection of applications and networks. Sedbox offers end-to-end information security services from IT security consulting to pentesting and enhancing cybersecurity posture to reduce risks and minimize consequences of cyberattacks. 

Why us?

We identify security risks  

We conceptualize and implement artificial intelligence use cases for a range of purposes, each contributing to business continuity and long-term efficiency. Our team incorporates AI-driven solutions into business operations where they can bring tangible value: We help our customers to identify their security risks and define the measures to mitigate the risks by offering our competencies in the areas listed below. 

Data-Driven Decision Making 

We build smart systems where AI can identify trends, anomalies, and growth hacking opportunities in your operational processes to assist in informed executive-level decision-making.


We help you add another level of intelligence to maximize customer acquisition, retention, and relevance of your brand campaigns

Customer Service

We augment customer care workflows with AI through advanced customer data analysis and conversational agents to improve your service across touchpoints.

Physical and Cybersecurity 

We implement AI for protecting physical perimeters, data, and user identities. From anti-fraud ML models to advanced biometric recognition, we design solutions that counteract known and emerging security threats.

Data Processing

We will collect and process your data for high-quality advanced analytics:


Factory floors are changing with programmable collaborative bots that can work next to employees to take over more repetitive tasks. We will help you automate physical processes and many more.

Finance Tech

Leverage machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and other AI techniques for financial analysis, algorithmic trading, and other investment strategies or tools.

Hospitality Industry

Are you running a health center, GYM, spa, hotel, restaurant, or food delivery service? We can collect your operational, inventory, customer, and sales data and make meaningful predictions. 


Sales analytic systems provide functionality that supports discovery, diagnostic, and predictive exercises that enable the manipulation of parameters, measures, dimensions, or figures as part of an analytic or planning exercise. AI algorithms can automate the data collection process and present solutions to improve sales performance. 

Autonomous Things

Health Tech

We can offer insights on how to use data smartly to solve complex life science challenges:


Which candidate, starting at a specific position, will contribute more to the company? The machine’s better data processing capabilities will help you discover new possibilities: